Clowns group piano lessons (Up to 4 children per session)

Piano lessons have been a great success at Clowns for the Rising 4’s age group. The main aim of the lessons develop the children curiosity and love of music in a fun and engaging way. There is no formal practice required outside of lesson time, however all of the songs and exercises we cover in the lessons will be given out in easy to follow notes so even the most “non” musical of us can play along at home.

Piano playing skills, basic music harmony and theory such as note names and rhythms are just some of the things we cover in the lessons. Other skills which are transferable to every other aspect of a child’s development are

  • Listening
  • Singing
  • Concentration
  • Confidence
  • maintaining good posture
  • co-ordination,
  • independent as well as working as a team, learning to memorize material and much, much more!

A typical lesson will usually run as below:

  • Introductory song and dancing
  • Singing different notes, talking about high and low sounds (Pitch) and loud and soft sounds (dynamics).
  • Finger exercises, learning to play with one finger and later developing our technique to all the fingers and in both hands.
  • Each child has a keyboard and we look over the songs we have been learning.
  • Begin looking at a new song. New songs are usually introduced every two to three weeks
  • Team games or individual performances to the group.
  • End of lesson song with dancing or a game.