Miss Job

Early Years Class Teacher

I love working in teaching as there is no more rewarding feeling than seeing children’s development and progress first hand. My aim has always been to make a difference in shaping young lives and influencing future generations. I have experience teaching in both the EYFS and in key stage 1 and have fallen in love with the early years.  This is due to the role od Early Years in equipping children with the skills and activity to be effective and engaged learners throughout school and beyond. My priority is always to know each child as an individual, to be able to discuss their personality, likes, interests and next steps, while being able to explain clearly how and why the activities in nursery support children’s learning and development.

While being passionate for all areas of early years, I am particularly fond of the Personal, Social and Emotional Development area of learning. Linking this to my undergraduate degree in Sociology, I have a passion for learning all about society, human social behaviour, social interactions and about different cultures, religions and celebrations. Personal, Social and Emotional Development in the early years is fundamental to all aspects of development and learning, as well as crucial to children’s resilience and wellbeing. This wonderful area of learning prioritises meeting the emotional needs of all children, helping children learn empathy through learning about being kind to others, the importance of positive relationships, and helps develop and nurture the whole child. I always prioritise establishing a safe and stimulating environment for all children, rooted in mutual respect that supports and celebrates children of all backgrounds, abilities and dispositions. I look forward to everyday as a teacher, and not a day goes by that doesn’t fill my heart with joy, working in this ever-so important profession.