My name is Tracy Landy and I am the Manager and Proprietor of Clowns Nursery and Manor House Pre-School which is situated between Golders Green and Hampstead.

I am passionate and committed to offering the highest quality of care and learning for children. I ensure that my vision is expertly conveyed to all staff who fully embrace the ethos of the nursery. Together we ensure that we place children at the centre of all we do. I am proud to hold the highest judgment given by Ofsted, Outstanding, which recognises our innovative and inspirational approach to caring for children.

As I solely manage Clowns Nursery Manor House Pre-School, I can direct and manage from the heart on both a personal and professional level. I have created a strong leadership team who support in all aspects of the nursery. Our group of strong leaders are experts in their field. Together we ensure that our curriculum is rich, varied and provides children with a vast array of learning and enrichment experiences on a daily basis. Our highly effective key-person systems provide children with a nurturing environment in which they thrive. Babies and young children bond very securely, settle quickly and immerse themselves in new fun and exciting experiences.

Our key approach at Clowns is developing the right mindset in our children. We recognise this is crucial for children to lead a successful, happy life. Our curriculum ensures that children learn by making mistakes, work together and ask questions to help them succeed. As a result, our children have a ‘can do’ attitude to learning.

Being an independent provider I often get asked about the history of Clowns.  Below I have briefly outlined how this journey began and I look forward to seeing you in the near future.

Clowns Nursery began back in May 1994 as a small day nursery operating from my home in Finchley.  It was an ideal situation where children and parents had a wonderful first experience of nursery in a home environment.  This proved to be a huge success and soon through word of mouth there was a great demand to extend the service.

In January 1997 we acquired premises which at the time were part of the Manor House Hospital site, which we converted into a fully equipped nursery. Activities operated originally from the ground floor, expanding to the first floor very soon after.  This enabled us to amalgamate the Finchley nursery with Clowns in Golders Green.

A converted nurses’ accommodation building would never have provided the ideal facility for a children’s nursery and so when the hospital site was sold for development it offered the ideal opportunity for us to design and build a new nursery to our own specification and incorporate a number of facilities that could offer our children and staff substantial additional benefits.

And here we are ……… it has been quite a journey but one that has and is still bringing much satisfaction.

Clowns Nursery Manor House Pre School is split into three sections the Day Nursery, Pre-School and Manor House. Please browse our website to view more details.