At Clowns we believe that Drama plays a huge part in a child’s development and we have made it an important part of the children’s day. We have a full-time Drama Teacher who works with all of the children in all of our classes.

Through Drama the children learn and build on lots of different skills such as, but not limited to:

  • improving their confidence, focus and social skills
  • learning how to express themselves
  • stretching their active imaginations

Through Drama we challenge the children to be dynamic in their thinking as they engage in fast paced games and exciting themed workshops. At Clowns we witness on a daily basis,  the benefits of Drama for young children.

Drama helps concentration and listening to others, as well as supporting the development of taking turns and following instructions. Drama also helps to further develop language and communication skills as children take on the language of a role they are playing.  These are all skills that contribute to their wider vocabulary.  Included in our Drama sessions are a movement and dance section which enhances the children’s physical development through indirectly focusing on coordination skills and encouraging the children to gain mastery over their growing bodies in a fun and engaging way.

Day Nursery Drama classes follow a theme every half term. Each theme incorporates music, movement and imaginary play. The children enjoy the classes and gain so much confidence through volunteering themselves for the exercises and learning how to express themselves in different ways.

Pre-School and Manor House Drama classes are action packed and always full of fun. We love to see the children’s faces as they become fully absorbed in the magical adventures we create. Drama sessions follow a two week rotation for variety and expansion of knowledge and skills. During one week sessions will be literacy-based workshops where a story is brought to life through Drama. These workshops usually include characterisation, vocal work, learning poems and role play to build children’s confidence and stretch their active imaginations. On alternate weeks the sessions are action packed with fast moving dynamic games. These are themed according to the curriculum and build physical confidence, focus and communication skills, all without the children even knowing it!

After School Drama

We run two After School Drama classes and during each session the children go on a magical adventure, with the Drama Teacher as “the director” looking for actors to perform in her play. The children take on different roles bringing the script to life, exploring the characters and the text through dance, music and drama.

Drama is about having fun and making new friends.  The bonds created through Drama are priceless.


Drama Sessions – Photos