Registration and Admissions

Once you register with us you will receive a receipt of registration letter to confirm that your child’s name has been added to our waiting list.  Kindly note, that registration does not guarantee a place.

When a placement becomes available you will receive an offer letter requesting for a retainer amounting to one full month’s fee to be paid to secure your child’s placement. If you increase sessions during your time at Clowns you will be required to pay the increase in the retainer.

At Clowns we believe it is most important for a child’s development to have continuity during the early stages of nursery care. As such we discourage placement which is not intended to last at least twelve months. Withdrawal within this timescale will forfeit the retainer.

Our primary entry point is in September of every year. We offer out September placements in November of the year before, requesting for retainers to be paid by mid December. Mid-year placements are subject to chance vacancy availability.