Oral Hygiene

At Clowns Nursery we work in partnership with parents to emphasise good oral health. We encourage the children to engage first-hand with role play within the class, recreate a visit to the dentist so that the children view it as a positive experience and develop a view of the dentist as one of the “people who help us”.  Whether it is their first tooth or their first visit to the dentist, a child’s early experiences of oral health can impact the rest of their life.

We are a vegetarian nursery although we do serve fish as part of the menu. The Chef Manager plans the menus to encourage healthy choices. The fruit and vegetables are bought from a reputable grocer who sources the produce from market daily. This better guarantees the quality and freshness of the produce we receive as over-ripe fruit can cause tooth decay.

From an early age, we introduce children to the importance of being healthy through our growing and planting zones in the garden and the classroom. Children tend to eat more fruit and vegetables when they understand and have been involved in the process of growing.  As such, we teach children about how fruit, vegetables and herbs grow. We believe that this opens their minds, as they begin to make connections between what they see growing and what they eat.


On 13th October Clowns hosted it’s own Oral Hygiene Day.

The children took part in different activities, learning about the structure of their teeth and how to take care of them and the role of Dentists and how they help us.

Children were served crunchy root vegetables for snack on this day as they do on many other days. Allergens: none