Admissions Procedure

Focus: To identify how a child can secure a placement at the nursery.

Clowns Nursery Group offers full and part-time day care facilities for children aged 6 months – 5 years of age.

We operate an inclusion and equality policy and ensure that all children have access to nursery places and services irrespective of their gender, race, ability, religion or sexual orientation.

Places are offered depending on availability. If we are unable to offer an immediate start date, parents/carers will be invited to join our waiting list. Consideration will be given to siblings where possible.

A registration fee is required in order to place a child’s name on our waiting list.  A registration fee does not guarantee a place at the nursery.

If a child is known to have special additional needs before they begin the setting, discussions will be made with both parents/carers and all other agencies involved, ascertaining the additional requirements of the child, whether they will require provision of extra staff or resources, and how these can be accessed.  This will ensure that the child has the best support from the nursery from the moment they start here.

We will monitor practice to ensure that we work within the 2010 Equality Act.