Limetree Yellow & Green

Limetree is part of Manor House Pre-Prep and caters for children aged 3+. It is the final year in the two-year cycle prior to making the transition to school. Children must attend five sessions, either five school days or five full days.  We prepare children that are sitting for the independent schools and are very proud of our success.  Our main aim is that each child leaves Limetree with a love of learning, confidence, self esteem and independence. We will also ensure that each child reaches their full potential.

Topics (Examples)

We always begin the year with a topic that allows the children to develop a positive sense of who they are, such as “All About Me” or “Ourselves”.  In the Autumn term they grow in both confidence and independence – key skills they will need in their upcoming assessment process (and in life in general).  Alongside this topic we are led by the children’s interests, resulting in us often having several topics running alongside one another.  This ensures that our classrooms move forward all the time and they are a changing and interesting environment for the children to come into on a daily basis.  Samples of some of the topics we have covered include Dinosaurs, Planets, Water, Our Favourite Stories, to name but a few.

Limetree’s Daily Routine


Register and morning circle time


Morning work cycle starts (including integrated snack)


Work cycle ends


Garden Time


Story Time




Additional garden time


Afternoon work cycle


Afternoon Snack


Recap on school day, prepare to go home


School day ends

The Work Cycle is the main session in which we complete the various activities set for that day.  We endeavour to give the children daily experiences and opportunities in all 7 areas of learning, whilst promoting independence and confidence to ‘have a go’, no matter the activity or challenge.  They come into the classroom, having access to both teacher-initiated and child-initiated activities.  All children are able to access everything on offer, as we differentiate for each individual.  We work with a small group of children but plan for the individual.  Within the classroom the children develop language, literacy, numeracy, ICT and creative skills.  Our planning starts with the child and we move them forward from there.  We also offer additional activities to ensure that they are ‘school ready’ by the end of their time in Limetree.

In addition to the 7 areas of the curriculum the children also take part in P.E, Music and Drama activities with specialist teachers. We like to make use of the local resources and go on regular trips to the local library, as well as making use of the Heath Extension and Golders Hill Park which are a short walk away.

We write weekly newsletters and display detailed weekly planners in the nursery foyer as well as outside the classrooms.  Both offer more detailed insight into what the children will be learning each week.