Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee – May-June 2022

Activities and Events To Celebrate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

  • Each class created British landmarks including;
    The London Eye, a London telephone box, Big Ben,
    the Queen’s guard, a London bus, the Queen’s carriage,
    and a London underground tube sign
  • Themed lunch & afternoon tea for the children
  • Staff dressed up as British Icons
  • Children made biscuits in the shape of the Queen’s crown
  • Great British Bake Off competition for Clowns staff
  • Children dressed in their best clothes to meet the Queen
  • A commemorative tree was planted in the Clowns garden
  • Individual Queen’s carriages and crowns were decorated
  • Finger paintings of Union Jack flags by children
  • Children played traditional British games of bowls and croquet
  • Sun catchers were made in the shape of the Queen’s portrait
  • British Royal Family Fun Quiz for Staff
  • Children asked what they love about Queen Elizabeth II and
    their quotes are displayed on a photo of Her Majesty
  • Making timelines of the Queen’s life and reign
  • Bunting and decorations around the nursery

Clowns Great British Bake Off

We Made 3D London Landmarks

Creating a dress for Queen Elizabeth II

We Made Fresh Lemonade

Celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee