To further enhance the learning experience at Clowns we employ a professional music teacher three full days a week.

The lessons are based on the topics the children are covering at the time and what the children’s interests are.  Lessons are between 30 to 55 minutes long and always include a varied content.

Below is a typical music lesson plan structured in such a way as to keep the children’s minds focused and interested.

  • Introduction song/warm up pitching and singing exercises
  • Singing: loosen up with well-known songs/nursery rhymes and going over any new songs from the previous lesson.
  • Focus song: this will be the new song for the week
  • Actions and movement: this could involve dancing, following actions and instructions.
  • Rhythm focus: call and response clapping or drumming challenges and games.
  • Instrument time: everyone plays percussion instruments e.g. shakers, wood blocks etc.
  • Music listening and appreciation time: listening to different genres of music from around the world.

We also offer extra curricular group instrument lessons to our 4-year-old classes. These include piano lessons, ukulele and a rhythm group (drums and singing). Some of these children have also come back after leaving Clowns to continue their instrument lessons.

Twice a year our 4-year-old classes put together a production, which all parents are invited to see. Our winter production is held at the King Alfred theatre across the road from the nursery, and our summer production is held at the King Alfred School. These productions draw crowds of over 80 people and it is amazing to see the children step up to the challenge of talking and singing through a microphone on stage under the lights! Particular highlights over the years include a solo singer singing the jazz classic ‘I’ve got Rhythm’ and a particularly energised version of ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen.