Two Year Progress Check

‘When a child is aged between two and three, practitioners must review their progress, and provide parents and/or carers with a short written summary of their child’s development in the prime areas. This progress check must identify the child’s strengths, and any areas where the child’s progress is less than expected.’ (The Statutory Framework from the Early Years Foundation Stage 2021, Section 2.4)

 These prime areas are:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development
  • Communication and Language


What will the Two Year Progress Check cover?

(What the child knows, can remember and do.)

The progress check will provide parents with a short written summary of their child’s development in the prime areas, their behaviour and attitudes to learning, identifying the child’s strengths and any areas where the child’s progress is less than expected.

We will also comment on how the child demonstrates the Characteristics of Effective Learning such as:

Playing and exploring (engagement)
Finding out and exploring
Playing with what they know
Being willing to have a go


Active learning (motivation)
Being involved and concentrating
Keeping trying, learning by trial and error
Enjoying and achieving what they set out to do


Creating and thinking critically (thinking)
Having their own ideas
Making links
Choosing ways to do things


What if there are any areas of my child’s progress that are lower than expected?

If we identify areas that are lower than expected we will discuss with you specific strategies that we suggest we put in place to support any other support the child. If there are significant emerging concerns, a disability or specific special education need identified, we will develop a targeted or personalised plan to support your child’s future learning and development. This will involve parents and any professionals who are presently supporting the child.

How is information gathered about my child prior to completing the
Two Year Progress Check?

The Two Year Progress Check is underpinned by high quality ongoing, observational assessment. Using information from our observations and knowledge of your child’s interests, we form a ‘best fit’ judgement of your child’s current learning and development using the EYFS non- statutory guidance Birth to 5 Matters alongside the Clowns Learning Maps.

The ranges within the Birth to 5 Matters document have been created to follow a typical pattern of learning and development. However, it is important to note that learning is not liner and that children develop and learn at their owns rates, and in their own ways.

Ages and ranges of typical development

Range Age
Range 1 Birth to 12 months
Range 2 6 to 18 months
Range 3 18 to 36 months
Range 4 24 to 48 months
Range 5 36 to 60 months
Range 6 48 to 71 months

You can find out more about the Birth to 5 Matters document by clicking on the following link:


Can parents and carers contribute to the Two Year Check?

Yes this is very important. Parents and carers will be invited into Clowns to meet with their child’s Key Person (this is who will have completed the Two Year Progress Check) and possibly a member of the Management Team. Within this meeting parents and carers will be able to contribute their view and comments and will also be asked of any updates in their child’s interests.

What happens next?

Your child’s Two Year Progress Check will take place within 6 weeks of your child’s second birthday. We will also contact you at this time to arrange a convenient date when we can meet to complete the check with your comments, suggestions and views.

We encourage parents / carers to share the contents of this check with other relevant professionals, including your Health Visitor during your Healthy Child Program Health and Development Review, and/or teacher if they are moving to another educational provision.

If you receive a date for the above review prior to receiving your Two Year Progress Check from Clowns Nursery, please advise us as soon as possible to ensure you receive your progress summary from us. If there is a significant time difference from receiving your Two Year Progress Check and your appointment with your Health Visitor, please contact us to gain an updated report as this will enable your Health Visitor to identify any developmental delays and any particular support that may be needed.