Clowns Day Nursery / Clowns Pre-School

Prior to entry a retainer amounting to one full month’s fee is required without exception to secure your child’s place. At certain times due to heavy over-subscription your retainer might be required to be paid ten months prior to starting. If you increase your child’s time at Clowns, you will be required to pay the increase in the retainer.

At Clowns we believe it is most important for a child’s development to have continuity during the early stages of nursery care. As such we discourage placement which is not intended to last at least twelve months. Withdrawal within the timescale will forfeit the retainer. During the second year and thereafter a full calendar month’s notice is required to ensure that the retainer is refunded. Notice for withdrawal must be made in writing.

If you are withdrawing from Clowns at any point a full calendar month’s notice is required in writing. A calendar month is from the first to the last day of the month.

Manor House Pre-School

On entry into Manor House a separate deposit is required as a guarantee that your child will complete two full academic school years from the 1st of September to 31st July (of the second year). The retainer that was paid when your child first commenced at the nursery is held as a guarantee that you give a term’s notice if you are withdrawing within the academic school year, but your teaching deposit would still be forfeited.


Please note that Clowns Nursery does not participate in the Nursery Education Funding Scheme for 3 & 4 year olds.