Forest School

There are many benefits to spending time in the forest surrounded by trees and nature, we know that nature has a way of improving wellbeing and metal health for people of all ages.

For children visiting the forest help them develop many skills these include, resilience, problem solving, self-confidence and awareness.

It gives them the time and space and allows them to develop their independent skills and this enables them to become capable learners.

Forest School is all about the process and is not goal based we encourage the children to independently explore the forest,  we create a safe space for them and provide them with natural activities to enjoy. We also encourage the children to tune into their senses by asking them “what can you hear, smell, see and feel”. Its amazing what you hear when you close your eyes.

We have time after each session to come together and reflect, the children will often tell us what they enjoyed and what they would like to do next.

Forest School