What Parents Say About Clowns

‘I know my child is in excellent hands as are all the children at Clowns; I wouldn’t want my children anywhere else’

‘Clowns is, and always has been, an incredibly nurturing, professionally run and educationally excellent nursery. My children have loved every minute of their time here…I have full confidence that the leadership and staff are working together to give them and each child the best education to move on to the next stage of education with confidence‘

‘I cannot think of any other nursery or pre-school provider who I would entrust more to care for my children’

‘We have had three children attending Clowns over the course of the last 8 years and our experience of the nursery has been consistently outstanding. We have been extremely happy with the care, organisation, teaching, staff and leadership’.

‘Both my girls have thrived at Clowns – they have been happy and confident and have thoroughly enjoyed their time here. I continue to be impressed by the extracurricular activities that are continually being offered to the children and in addition to all their daily activities, my children have particularly loved participating in weekly music classes with Giles and sports with Ricky’.

‘Clowns is a truly outstanding nursery that has consistently delivered wonderful pastoral care and education’

‘My eldest has attended Clowns since she was one year old and has never, not once, been anything other than entirely delighted to run through its door in the morning with a huge smile on her face’.

‘The management and staff are absolutely tireless in their efforts to care for and educate the children in their charge’.

‘Clowns is an amazing and nurturing institution and we are proud to be able to send our children there. Everything about Clowns has been consistently outstanding. We are particularly impressed by the outstanding teaching methods and the motivation of the staff’.