Environmental and Social Responsibility

At Clowns we recognise that we have a responsibility toward the environment as our existence, as a nursery, is not solitary. We are part of a bigger system of people, values, other organisations and nature, and accept that we have a social and environmental responsibility, as an organisation/business, to give back to the world just as it gives to us.

We are committed to promoting human rights, helping our local community and protecting our natural environment. We also believe it is important to provide the children in our care with the opportunity to develop an age-appropriate awareness of these responsibilities, encouraging them to become proactive and caring members of their local community and the world as a whole.


During the week 24-28th January 2022, the children in each class were involved in different initiatives to explore recycling and sustainability and it’s impact on our planet.


As a nursery we:

  • recycle. The recycling bags are evident throughout the nursery – from the baby room right through to the administration offices. Children are encouraged to use the recycling bags as a part of everyday practise.
  • Introduce the ideas of social and environmental responsibility through the medium of stories. We are always open to suggestions of story books that further enhance, illustrate and engage the children in this area.
  • Choosing to begin to take part in global initiatives such as:
    • World Water Day:  The focus throughout the nursery will be to make sure we are extra vigilant in how we use the water and turning the taps off.
    • Earth Hour: The nursery is committed to “turning off” between 12:30pm and 1:30pm.
    • Earth Day:  During the Easter closure period all the staff, parents and children will be challenged to partake in an activity that benefits the earth. For example, tree planting, walking or taking public transport instead of driving or taking a taxi; recycling and repurposing something; making natural birdfeeders (no plastic or new wood to be used) etc. On Wednesday 22nd April we will be asking everyone to bring in evidence (photograph, poster, certificate etc) of their activity. These will be proudly displayed throughout the nursery! More information will be sent out to everyone before the Easter holiday.
    • Walk to School Week
    • World Environment Day



As a nursery we:

  • celebrate the diversity of the families and staff within the nursery – learning about and taking part in festivals and celebrations from different cultures around the world.
  • are passionate about giving back to our community. Every term we hold fundraising events and donate 100% of all proceeds to charity. The children are
  • are beginning to choose to make small changes and engage with global initiatives such as:
    • Fair Trade Day. Leading up to World Fair Trade Day we will trace the “footsteps” of a banana from grower to supermarket. The children in the older children will be introduced to the idea of paying the farmer a fair market price so that he, in turn, can feed himself, send his children to school, buy food etc.
    • Make A Difference Day
    • United Nations International Children’s Day
    • Giving Thursday We will be asking each child who attends Clowns to donate a book. All books collected will be given to that we can give to a Children’s hospice or charity.
    • International Mother Language Day:

Clowns parents will receive more information regarding our participation in each global initiative as it approaches.

As a nursery we are always open to ideas and suggestions of ways to continue to make a positive impact in the world in which we live. If you are an existing parent and have any ideas please contact the Environmental and Social Responsibility Officer by emailing dudzai@clowsnursery.co.uk


At Clowns we have created a Growing Garden where we grow a range of fruits, vegetables and herbs.

These include;

  • tomatoes
  • leeks
  • green beans
  • spring onions
  • carrots
  • potatoes
  • mint
  • sage
  • curry plant
  • and lemonbalm.

Children enjoy planting, watering, and learning about where food comes from and how to nurture the plants.

When they are ready, children and staff harvest them and the Kitchen team prepare and serve them for the children to eat.


Our Growing Garden at Clowns