Food And Meals

We are a vegetarian nursery because we have a diverse clientele and we wanted every child to feel that they can partake in all dishes made by our kitchen team. If we served meat would it be kosher or halal? So by offering a vegetarian menu every child, apart from those with dietary needs, can enjoy the same menu.

We have two chefs and three kitchen porters. Our Chef Manager makes the main meal and the second chef makes all the dietary requirement meals. Our chefs will meet with parents to establish any dietary requirements for new children. We try as much as possible to prepare meals that are similar as the children are very aware if they are not being offered the same dishes. Our Chef Manager will spend time within the rooms talking to children about their lunch, what they like to eat, and most importantly, what they can make together. For the children in our older rooms he organises ‘cooking days’, making bread, vegetarian pizzas or other delights! Children bring fruit and vegetables into nursery to share at snack time.

Practitioners in all classes promote healthy eating and good food choices and respect children’s choices whilst modelling good behaviour and manners at the table. They sit alongside the children during meal times, and promote healthy eating and social occasions. Some classes grow vegetables in the vegetable patch in our garden, enabling them to make potato soup with the potatoes, and eat the freshly picked tomatoes.


Clowns runs extra curricular Cooking Clubs led by our Chef Manager.

The children have the opportunity to learn about different ingredients, explore a variety of tastes and textures and develop their fine motor skills to make a range of sweet and savoury items including;

jam tarts, cheese sticks, bean burgers, cupcakes, pizzas and many more

Please click on the headings below to view drop down sample menus


Baby Puree Menu


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast Baby porridge Baby porridge Baby porridge Baby porridge Baby porridge
Lunch Carrot, pea and courgette puree Broccoli, potato and parsnip Puree Cranberry, potato and carrot puree Vegetable & cheese pasta puree Tomato risotto puree
Dessert Mixed fruit puree Apricot puree Plum puree Apple puree Pear puree
Tea Cauliflower and broccoli puree Swede, carrot, and potato puree Butternut squash and parsnip puree Pea, tomato and rice puree Spinach, courgette and sweet potato
Pudding Apple puree Pear puree Banana puree Apricot puree Apple Puree

Main Nursery Menu


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast Toast and cereals Toast and cereals Toast and cereals Toast and cereals Toast and cereals
Morning Snack Mixed seasonal fruit Croissants Bread sticks and cucumber Mixed seasonal fruit Wholemeal bagels and cream cheese
Lunch Creamy penne pasta with leek , mushroom and cheese Spring vegetable and white bean casserole Jacket potatoes with beans, cheese and mixed salad Quorn sausage casserole and sweetcorn rice Sweetcorn and tuna pasta bake
Vegetables Seasonal vegetables Seasonal vegetables Seasonal vegetables Seasonal vegetables Seasonal vegetables
Dessert Apple and raisin sponge Semolina Fruit yoghurt Bananas and custard Fruit platter
Afternoon Snack Crackers, cream cheese and cucumber Mixed seasonal fruit Wholemeal pitta bread and hummus Mixed seasonal fruit Toasted English muffins with sliced apple
Tea Home made beans on toast Tomato and vegetable pasta Butternut squash soup with home made bread Stir fry vegetables with chili coriander noodles Selection of

Sandwiches filled with

tuna or cheese, and salad

Pudding Melon Orange jelly Banana Carrot cake Banana and coconut flapjack

Clowns Salad Bar


 Peach, Elm and Willow Classes Rosewood, Limetree Yellow and Limetree Green Classes
Grated carrot A main salad of pasta, rice, cous cous or potato acommpanied by:
Sliced tomatoes Grated carrot
Sliced cucumber Sliced tomatoes
Shredded lettuce Sliced cucumber
Shredded lettuce

Food served