Our Ethos


At Clowns we believe that a child’s first experience at nursery should be positive. Our vision and ethos at Clowns is to develop the right mindset in our children.  We believe that by developing the right mindset it enables each child to become a successful learner who goes on to lead a successful, happy life.

We do not focus on failure but on success and supporting each child to become a lifelong learner.  Our children at Clowns have a ‘can do’ attitude to learning and are resilient when learning new skills.

Our curriculum ensures that children learn from making mistakes and by working together and asking questions to help them succeed.

All our children lean to show respect for each other and for those around them.  Clowns children grow up to be confident and effective communicators who thrive on challenges and embrace new opportunities.

As a result, our children are excited and ready to learn and continue learning when they leave us to start the next stage of the learning journey at school.