Our Staff

We operate to a very high ratio of well-qualified staff acknowledging the requirement of the local authority. Those ratios being:

  • One staff for every 3 children aged 0-2 years
  • One staff for every 4 children aged 2-3 years
  • One staff for every 8 children aged 3-5 years
  • However we endeavour to attain a much higher level of staffing ratios, wherever possible.

Staff knowledge and training in the supervision of our children is of prime importance.  In addition to our regular internal training and development programmes we established, and now maintain, a progressive educational programme for our staff.  This is directed and controlled on our premises by an independent and experienced childcare practitioner, ensuring that our staff are kept completely up to date with childcare and management issues along with any changes in childcare legislation.

At Clowns we have a management team of four individuals who work alongside the Manager/Proprietor. They have been with the company spanning sixteen years. The team includes the Deputy, the third in charge, the fourth in charge and the Chief Administrative Officer.

In every classroom we have a class teacher or a team leader and they work alongside at least four early years teaching practitioners/nursery assistants.

Our administration team is led by our Chief Administrative Officer and the team includes a secretary (currently on maternity leave), a receptionist, an accounts administrator and an administrative assistant.

We have an in-house catering team; a first chef, a second chef and two kitchen porters.

Our extra curricular members of staff are as follows; a music teacher, a drama teacher and a physical education teacher. We have the opportunity once a week to use the fabulous Heath Extension for many of our sporting activities.

The nursery has a maintenance man, contract cleaners, a gardening team, electricians and a plumber.

At Clowns, six members of our staff are representatives of:

  • Special Educational Needs
  • Culture and Ethnicity
  • Librarian
  • Charity and Events Co-ordinator
  • Garden and Growing Advisor
  • Creative, Design and Imagination of our outdoor reseource classroom

Clowns Nursery/Manor House Pre-School Extended Family:

Mr & Mrs Hop – from Strawberry class

Molly, Harry and Lexie Landy – Mrs Landy’s dogs

Senior Team and Class Teachers

Tracy Landy | Principal/Proprietor


Mary-lee Haslam | Deputy

Ann Davis | Third in Charge

Maria Hillier (Currently on maternity leave) | Fourth in Charge/Team Leader

Joan McCarthy | Chief Administrative Officer


Sharon Loftman | Class Teacher

Dudzai Pswarayi | Class Teacher/Early Years Co-ordinator

Carla Boffa | Class Teacher

Siobhan McDade | Class Teacher

Michelle Dixon | Class Teacher

Aleksandar Andonov | Class Teacher

Christopher Read | Class Teacher

Michelle Donaldson | Team Leader

Sharon Coope | Class Teacher

Catriona O’Neill | Class Teacher

Shagufta Mushtaq | Team Leader

Jade Doherty | Team Leader

Music Teacher

Giles Casswell | Music Teacher

Admin Team

Joan McCarthy

Linda Smallman | Receptionist

Elizabeth Adelagun | Administrative Assistant

Heidi Mühlbauer | Accounts Administrator

Maria Kyriacou | Administration Team Secretary - currently on maternity leave

Catering Team

Fatih Guven | Head Chef

Andre Bondo | Second Chef