We have an in house kitchen here at Clowns Nursery where all food served is prepared Fresh on site by our dedicated kitchen team.

We do not use any ready-made packet mixes and everything is prepared from scratch to the highest standard.

We are a vegetarian nursery, but we do serve fish, and have been awarded 5 stars by the Food Standards Agency.

Our Aim

At Clowns we strive to provide children with a healthy, balanced and nutritious diet. We recognise that children have different requirements at different ages and stages of development and incorporate these into our menus. We also provide different utensils and equipment for children to use as their age and confidence increases.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are given daily and our menus change with the seasons. In addition to the different food we offer we also incorporate food to celebrate occasions and festivals throughout the year. Our aim is to educate children on different tastes, textures and origins of food as well as its nutritional benefits and we do this by cookery demonstrations and discussions during class.


We take allergies very seriously here at Clowns and cater to the individual dietary requirements of children that attend. We liaise with parents and carers to ensure that we are kept updated of changes to food preferences and medical conditions and prepare food separately and serve it in different colour bowls where there are children with allergies present.

Cooking Lessons at Clowns

At Clowns we aim to offer an exciting eating experience and our Chef Manager arranges tutorials in the classes to teach the children about different types of food and why a balanced meal is important.

Children have the opportunity to prepare and make mini pizzas, biscuits, bread and cakes throughout the year and enjoy mixing ingredients together and seeing the results of their efforts.



The Importance of Healthy Eating

At Clowns our aim is to provide children with healthy, balanced meals using a wide variety of quality ingredients that are colourful and exciting for the children. Children are offered fresh fruit and vegetables daily, milk is offered at snack time and water is available to the children throughout the day. We also cater for special dietary needs.

Our menus are made up of 4 main components as per the government guidelines;

  • Starchy foods – bread, potatoes, cereals,
    pasta noodles and rice.
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Non-dairy sources of protein – fish, beans and pulses
  • Milk and dairy – milk, cheese, yoghurt and custards

As well as encouraging healthy eating and developing the choices the children make with regard to their eating habits we also promote the importance of the social aspect of eating together.  The children eat meals together, help to lay the tables, the older children serve their own meals, and all children help to clear away once they have finished eating. Fresh drinking water is also available.