Mr Andonov

5th in Charge, Class Teacher, English As An Additional Language Officer, Cultural Capital Coordinator

I’m an attentive and creative Qualified Teacher with over 13 years of experience.  I am very passionate about helping children develop healthy socialisation and behavioural patterns, as well as instilling confidence and a sense of independence. My inspiration is promoting Physical, Emotional and Social health as a complement to academic progress. I am a passionate, organized and flexible teacher. I strongly believe that communication and collaboration with parents and families is a key factor with regards to each child’s learning and development.

As a proud speaker of four languages I enjoy giving children the opportunity to learn simple phrases and experience language within the class routines. My role as the English As an Additional Language coordinator gives me the chance to encourage all the classes in Clowns to celebrate, respect and learn about the diverse cultures, traditions and languages within the nursery.

My aim is to evaluate teaching resources and strategies that will benefit, support, and raise the children’s levels of achievement. To further support children with EAL we have included plenty of bilingual books, key word flashcards in a variety of languages and picture dictionaries.  We also take time to involve parents in assessing the children’s learning and development in their first language.


Clowns Summer Closure

9th August 2022

Clowns Nursery will be closing on Friday 12th August at 6pm. Clowns will re-open on Thursday 1st September at 8am...

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Carnival Celebrations At Clowns

2nd August 2022

At Clowns we celebrate diversity and culture and on Friday 5th August we hosted our very own Clowns Carnival. A...

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Wonderful End of Year Performance by Limetree Classes

15th July 2022

The children in our rising 4 Limetree classes were outstanding in delivering an exceptional end of year performance on the...

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