Ann Davis

Head of Pastoral, Health & Safety Officer, Fire Officer, Designated Safeguarding Officer

I have been a part of the team at Clowns since May 1999.  I started out as a Team Leader in Cherry Room and am now an integral part of the Senior Management Team.  I am responsible for the overall Health and Safety at Clowns, including being the designated Fire Warden.  I am also primarily responsible for the induction of new staff, ensuring that they understand and are adhering to all our policies and procedures, as well as making sure that their wellbeing is being met whilst at work.

Taking charge of the nursery’s medications, I am in constant communication with parents, most of whom I see when I am on reception at the beginning of each day.

At Clowns we pride ourselves in providing outstanding care and opportunities to the children who are enrolled with us.  I think it is important that the staff in Clowns keep up to date regarding any changes in policies or procedures.  In order to do this I visit the rooms on a daily basis, checking knowledge and understanding.

I am passionate about Early Years and there is nothing more satisfying than watching children flourish and become more confident learners who, upon leaving us, are ready for the next part of their learning journey.  I continue to be a part of the journey at Clowns by running a cooking club for our older children.  A cross-curricular activity, cooking helps with all 7 areas of learning in a fun, practical way as the children use real produce and practice and engage with life skills they see in the world around them.