Nursery & Pre-School Uniform

Day Nursery (Cherry)

  1. Shoe Bag
  2. Work Pocket

There is no uniform but children require several changes of clothing.

Day Nursery (Strawberry) and Pre-School

All children must have a spare set of uniform at  nursery. If they need to be changed during the school day they must have spare uniform to change into.

  1. T-shirts (at least 1)
  2. Polo Shirts (at least 1)
  3. Sweatshirts (at least 2)
  4. Grey Joggers
  5. Shoe Bag
  6. Work Pocket

Items can be purchased from Reception

  • Parents are asked to provide a complete change of uniform each day together with appropriate outdoor clothing and Wellington boots, when required.
  • Please ensure ALL items are labelled and packed in suitable bags.
  • Shoes must either be Velcro or buckle fastening – no laces!
  • Please make sure supplies of disposable nappies are included – a minimum of 6 are recommended for each full day’s session.
  • Children in Rosewood will be doing P.E. and are required to wear navy shorts / cycling shorts, white t-shirt, ankle socks and plimsolls. There is also an optional puddlesuit available.