During these challenging times, we appreciate that you may not be able to access some of the suggested resources in the activity lesson plans.

Where possible, we would urge you to draw upon your child’s imagination to role-play or use plastic/toy versions of the required resource.

Being imaginative is an integral part of our curriculum at Clowns and, therefore, through this medium we hope that your child is able to access and enjoy the set activities, regardless of the resources available. 

NOTE: There are some great online resources that we access  at nursery.  We do this via the platform as it has a content filter for children under 5 years of age.  Although it uses YouTube as a source for short videos and clips, it cleans up the videos and removes all advertisements and peripheral content. It also allows us to edit the videos so the children only view the content that is relevant to the further enhancement of our chosen topics. 
Please be advised that the links we are providing in the portal are direct online links.  As such, you are responsible for any subsequent content that may appear around the video.  A full screen view often minimises peripheral content, but adverts may still pop up along the bottom of the screen and/or at the beginning or end of each video. 

Thursday 9 April 2020

Peach Daily Timetable – 09.04.20

Peach Lesson Plan – Astronaut Glove Box 09.04.20

Peach Lesson Plan – Catch a star 09.04.20

Peach Lesson Plan – Galaxy 09.04.20

Peach Lesson Plan – Maths at Meal Time 09.04.20

Peach – Thursday 9th April – PE Gymnastics – Upper Body Movement

Wednesday 8 April 2020

Peach Daily timetable – 08.04.20

Peach Lesson Plan – Dance Like a Dinosaur 08.04.20

Peach Lesson Plan – Handprint Dinosaurs 08.04.20

Peach Lesson Plan – Using Shapes to Create Dinosaurs 08.04.20

Peach P.E. Gymnastics – Rolling

Tuesday 7 April 2020

Peach Daily Timetable – 07.04.20

1 Peach Lesson Plan Things I Can Do Now Giraffes

1 Some Amazing Facts About Giraffes

1 Things I Can Do Now Template

2 Peach Lesson Plan Initial Sound African Animals

2 Colouring Letters E-H-L-S 2 Initial Sound African Animals CARDS I

2 Initial Sound African Animals CARDS II

2 Tracing Letters

3 Peach Lesson Plan Animals Out of Shapes

3 Animals Out of Shapes Template

4 Peach Lesson Plan – Handprint Giraffe 07.04.20

4 Giraffe Craft Toilet Roll Challenge

4 Giraffe Finger Puppet Challenge

5 Gerald’s Maze

5 Giraffes Colouring Pages

Peach – Tuesday 7th April – PE Gymnastics – Colour Touch

Monday 6 April 2020

Peach Daily Timetable – 06 April 2020

Peach Lesson Plan – Feelings – Orion and the Dark

Peach Lesson Plan – Making a Den – Orion and the Dark

Peach Lesson Plan – Night Writing – Orion and the Dark

Peach – Monday 6th April – P.E. Gymnastics – Around The World


Friday 3 April 2020

Peach suggested Timetable 3 April 2020

Peach Activity Plan – Story Discussion

Peach Activity Plan – Matching Numerals

Peach Activity Plan – Pig Cupcakes

Peach Class – Friday 3rd April – PE – Splat The Fly


Drama Activity – The Three Little Pigs

Thursday 2 April 2020

Peach Suggested Timetable – 2 April 2020

Peach Activity Plan – The Tiger Who Came to Tea Story

Peach Activity Plan – The Very Hungry Tiger Counting

Peach Activity Plan – Make Tiger Masks

Peach Activity Plan – Let’s Have a Tea Party

Peach P.E. – Bouncing Balls

1 Story Sequencing Template

1 Visual Props Template

2 Shopping List Template

2 The Very Hungry Tiger Counting Template

3 Bunting Template

3 Make Tiger Masks Template

3 Step by Step Make Tiger Masks

3 Step by Step Making Decorations For Our Tea Party

4 Super Sandwiches for Kid’s Parties Recipe –

4 Teddy Bear Picnic Invitation Template

Wednesday 1 April 2020

Peach Suggested Timetable 1 April 2020

Peach Activity Plan – Alliteration Aliens

Peach Activity Plan – Lost Underpants

Peach Activity Plan – Playdough Aliens

Peach Class PE – Balloon Tennis

Drama Activity Plan – Aliens Love Underpants

Tuesday 31 March 2020

Peach Suggested Timetable 31 March 2020

Peach Activity Plan – Handa’s Fruit Cutting

Peach Activity Plan – Handa’s Story Trail

Peach Activity Plan – Helping Handa Match Numerals

Monday 30 March 2020

Peach Suggested Timetable 30 March 2020

Animal Movement Flashcards

Animal Patterns

Animal Skins Matching Cards

Peach Activity Plan – Animal Movements

Peach Activity Plan – Animal Patterns

Peach Activity Plan – Animal Skins

Peach Class – Monday 30th March – PE – Hand-Eye Co-Ordination


Week beginning 23 March 2020

Peach Activity Ideas 23 March 2020


Bubble name

Bubble Writing

Cutting 1

Cutting 2

Jungle Animals

Meteorites 1

Meteorites 2

Planets – 1 sheet



Solar System 1

Solar System 2

Solar System 3

Star numbers

Stars for printing